Community Resources Handbook

This document is designed to gather community resources. Community Lawyers and community partners can use community resources to help residents in Slate Canyon Detention Center and at-risk youth in the community. Any part we can have at facilitating that help and guidance will change a lot more than that resident or at-risk youth's life. Community Lawyering's influence will affect the parents, siblings, friends, associates and potentially future victims that will never be victimized. This is the meaning of Community Lawyering. We are affecting the community one person at a time. We help a juvenile and therefore the community as a whole.

On the flip side of Community Lawyering, we use the community to help the one. As the African Proverb says, It takes a village to raise a child. We must consistently enlist more community partners to assist us in helping the youth. This web page is designed to be a resource to parents and community members to join forces to help our rising generation be productive and healthy. There are currently 19 sections below to help with that quest. If you have ideas on how to improve this site, please see below where you can send us an e-mail.

** DISCLAIMER: This web site is only designed to be a clearing house of resources to help at-risk youth. It is not intended to be nor should be construed as legal advice. Any omission of a community resources is not intentional. This project was designed and created by a student in a class called Community Lawyering and any commentary reflect the views of the student and do not necessarily reflect the attitudes or views of BYU Law School or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  1. Letter to Community Lawyers and Community Partners
  2. Risk Factors
  3. Questions to Isolate Risk and Protective Factors
  4. Community Resources: Alternatives to Slate Canyon Detention
  5. Potential Resources/Potential Community Partners
  6. Mentoring and Supervision Resources
  7. Mediation Resources
  8. Substance Abuse Resources
  9. Mental Health Resources
  10. Legal Resources Referrals
  11. Legal Resources Helpful Statutes
  12. Sports as a Resource
  13. Housing Resources
  14. Goal Setting
  15. Volunteer Options
  16. Job Hunting
  17. Parenting Resources
  18. Suggested Readings
  19. Scale Up and Engage Community
  20. Contact Information
  21. Juvenile Justice Terminology

If you have a comment, suggestion, or know of a resource or information about a resource that we do not have in this database, please inform us by contacting us at 801-422-3025 or