2001 World Family Policy Center Forum

The third annual World Family Policy forum sponsored by BYU brought representatives of all ethnicities, beliefs and ages to Provo. More than sixty United Nations delegates, ambassadors, and religious leaders from around the world attended this year's forum.The theme of the three day conference was "Making the World Safe for Children."

2001 Forum (entire document, 103 pages)

The Impact of UN Conference Declarations on International and Domestic Law
Richard G. Wilkins, professor of law, J. Reuben Clark School of Law, BYU,
managing director, World Family Policy Center


Philosophic “Good” in the Context of Families and Children: What is Good for Children?
A. Scott Loveless, JD, PhD; executive director, World Family Policy Center


What Children Really Need: Another Way to Look at Children’s Rights
Allan Carlson, the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society


Condemnation of Divorce: Survival of Marriage
Farooq Hassan, barrister at law, international legal consultant


From the United Nations: Habitat and the World Family Policy Forum
Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, executive director of UN–Habitat
[Delivered by Mariam Yunusa, senior human settlements advisor in Nairobi, Kenya.]


Families, Children, and Self-Sacrifice
Kathleen Slaugh Bahr, associate professor of marriage, family, and human development, BYU, mother


Mainstreaming Families and Children’s Issues in National and International Measures for Economic and Social Development
Syed Shahid Husain, senior advisor, Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of the
Islamic Conference to the United Nations, New York


Young Americans’ Neotraditional Views of Marriage
Norval D. Glenn, Ashbel Smith professor of sociology and Stiles Professor in American Studies, University of Texas—Austin


Making the World Safer for our Children: the South Asian Context
Manjula Rathaur, senior lecturer, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; and
Anand Kumar, associate professor of sociology, Jawaharla Nehru University


The Significant Role of the Christian Family in our Society
Haroutune Selimian, BTh, MDiv, STM, vice president of the Armenian Evangelical community, Syria


Work and Family Harmony: Toward a New Paradigm
Jeff Hill, PhD, associate professor of marriage, family, and human development, BYU


United Nations Policy and the Family: Redefining the Ties that Bind—A Study of History, Forces and Trends
Maria Sophia Aguirre, Department of Business and Economics, and Ann Wolfgram, Catholic University of America


False Promises
Mark Hartwig, social and world view editor, Public Policy Department, Focus on the Family


New International Instruments for the Protection of Children
Michael Dennis, attorney advisor, human rights and refugees, U.S. Department of State


The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Special Session on Children
William L. Saunders, Jr., human rights council and senior fellow, Family Research Council


Reproductive Health Care in the Context of the UN System
Jeanne E. Head, RN, UN Representative for the National Right to Live Educational Trust Fund and the International Right to Life Federation (IRLF)


How the Interpretation of the Rights of the Child at the UN is Jeopardizing Parental Guidance and Authority
Amina Mesdoua, former counselor, Permanent Mission of Algeria to the United Nations


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