2002 World Family Policy Center Forum
Human rights, Social Ecology and the Family

2002 Forum (entire document, 93 pages)

Natural Rights, Family and the Conditions of Freedom in the American Founding
Thomas L. Krannawitter, director of civic education, The Claremont Institute


Conflicts Among Political Philosophies: "Human Rights"
Balint Vazsonyi, founder/director, Center for the American Founding


Human Rights, Social Ecology, and the Family
Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, executive director of UN-HABITAT (The United Nations Human Settlements Programme)- deliverd by Dr. Jay Moor, special advisor for strategic planning, UN-HABITAT


Justiciciability of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: Entitlements or Empty Promises
Michael J. Dennis, attorney advisor, human rights and refugees, U.S. Department of State

Thomas Jefferson on the Moral Foundations of Individual Rights
Matthew S. Holland, assistant professor of political science, Brigham Young University


Human Rights and the Family in Islam
Farooq Hassan, secretary general, American Asian Institute of Strategic Studies, Boston


Human Rights in Islam
Syed Shahid Husain, senior advisor, Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of the Islamic
Conference to the United Nations, New York


Presentation of Family Manual
Shirley E. Cox, professor of social work, Brigham Young University


Demographic Processes in the Countries of Eastern Europe, the CIS, and the Baltic: Trends
in the 1990s and What We Should Expect in the Next Decade

Anatoly I. Antonov, head of the Department of Family Studies, Sociology Department, and
Viktor M. Medkov, associate professor of sociology, Moscow State University, Russia


Family and Faith: The Roots of Prosperity, Stability, and Freedom
Patrick F. Fagan, William G. FitzGerald Fellow in Family and Cultural Issues, The Heritage
Foundation, Washington, D.C.


Why Marriage Matters
Thomas Holman, professor of marriage, family, and human development, Brigham Young University


Social Ecology and the Natural Family
Allan C. Carlson, president, the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society


Marriage and Public Policy: What Can Government Do?
Maggie Gallagher, affiliate scholar, Institute for American Values


The Science of Infant Brain Development: Insights on the Nature/Nurture Debate
Nancy R. Ahlander, department chair, child and family studies, Brigham Young University—Idaho


Rights Rhetoric, the Family, and Social Change
Richard G. Wilkins, professor of law, Brigham Young University, and managing director, World
Family Policy Center


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