2003 World Family Policy Center Forum
The Family is the Fundamental Group Unit of Society: The Reality Behind the Rhetoric


2003 Forum (entire document, 61 Pages)

Speakers: (in alphabetical order of their last names)

Families and Values and Social Development: The Need for Social Capital
Mr. Esko Aho
Former Prime Minister, Finland

Family Life in Islam/ Women in Islam
Shaikha Kouthar Allie Cader
Islamic Women Studies Scholar, South Africa

A Program for Building Self-Reliant Families among the World’s Rural Poor
Dr. Allen Christensen
Professor, Benson Institute, Brigham Young University

EU Trends in Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech
Mr. Paul Diamond
Barrister, Great Britain

The Family, Religion and Good Family Policy
Dr. Patrick Fagan
William H. Fitzgerald Fellow in Family & Culture, The Heritage Foundation

Real Presences and Real Absences: Civilization, Miracles, and the War Against the Family
Reverend Frank Julian Gelli
Middle East Scholar, Arkadash Network

Human Rights and the Problem of the Meaning of Humanity
Dr. Ralph Hancock
Professor, Department of Political Science, Brigham Young University

What Parents Provide for Children that No One Else Can
Dr. Craig Hart
Professor, Department of Marriage, Family and Human Development, Brigham Young University

Family Support Indicators
Mr. S. Shahid Husain
Senior Advisor, Office of the Permanent Observer for the Organization of the Islamic Conference to the UN

Challenges of Refugee Families: International Policies Do Matter
Drs. Angelea & Patrick Panos
Professors, School of Social Work, Brigham Young University


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